GR1 repair

  • 2023年2月11日

Ricoh GR1 film camera LCD and shutter failure repaired.

I cannot find a store in Japan that accepts Ricoh GR1 film cameras for repair. Then I concluded my previous repair article by saying that I would send the request overseas, but I have good news. The repair was successfully completed by a camera repair shop in Taiwan. Camera Repair Shop in Taiwan The only repair company I could find through a web search was a repair company in the […]

  • 2023年1月23日

Can a Ricoh GR1 film camera be repaired?

Failure of the GR1 is like a chronic illness, and now, more than 20 years after its release, it is almost impossible to use the GR1 in a fully working condition due to the lack of durability of its parts. I honestly think the GR1 is more fragile than other high-end compact cameras. However, I have been using this camera for over 10 years and intend to continue to use […]