ContaxT3 Example

  • 2023年1月22日

Sample photos of ContaxT3 Excellent resolution and shadows without collapsing

Contax T3 is no longer affordable to the average person, but I used to use a T3 when it was still cheap. Although I have not had this camera with me since it was stolen by a burglar in my room during a trip, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the T3 and the differences in depiction depending on settings based on examples of my work. Contax T3 […]

  • 2023年1月8日

Contax T3 Apex compact camera with great resolution and a three-dimensional feel that can be used from the widest aperture.

The price of the Contax T3, which costs three times the list price, has not stopped soaring in the used market, and its popularity overseas seems unstoppable. I used to have a Contax T3, although it is now a completely premier camera that I can’t afford. Unfortunately, I lost it in a theft during a trip, but I would like to look back on the beauty of the T3 with […]