High-end compact film cameras

  • 2023年2月5日

The Contax TVS, the most cost-effective walk-around camera

The Contax TVS, with its titanium exterior, was a high-end compact film camera that symbolized the era when the Japanese economy was booming. It is a relatively unpopular camera, perhaps because of its zoom, middling photographic impact, and large size. However, it is a model that can be recommended as a film camera for casual use because of its photographic quality that surpasses intermediate single focal length compact cameras and […]

  • 2023年1月8日

Contax T3 Apex compact camera with great resolution and a three-dimensional feel that can be used from the widest aperture.

The price of the Contax T3, which costs three times the list price, has not stopped soaring in the used market, and its popularity overseas seems unstoppable. I used to have a Contax T3, although it is now a completely premier camera that I can’t afford. Unfortunately, I lost it in a theft during a trip, but I would like to look back on the beauty of the T3 with […]