• 2023年3月4日

What about Ricoh GR3x 40mm? Examples and why I bought it

I still use a film camera as my main camera, but the continuous rise in the price of film and the cessation of production of high-sensitivity film forced me to get into digital cameras, and the camera I chose was the GR3X. It is not that I have never used a digital camera before, but this is the first time I have decided to use a digital camera as my […]

  • 2023年3月4日

KODAK PORTRA 400/160 examples – clear whites and skin tones

I think Portra is the most widely acclaimed film among those who photograph with film. It was launched as a negative film for professional use and steadily increased its users, including film enthusiasts, from the time it was first released. I am one such portra-lover. I like this film so much that I have been using it for more than 10 years, almost exclusively Portra, and have used several hundred […]

  • 2023年2月11日

Ricoh GR1 film camera LCD and shutter failure repaired.

I cannot find a store in Japan that accepts Ricoh GR1 film cameras for repair. Then I concluded my previous repair article by saying that I would send the request overseas, but I have good news. The repair was successfully completed by a camera repair shop in Taiwan. Camera Repair Shop in Taiwan The only repair company I could find through a web search was a repair company in the […]

  • 2023年1月22日

Sample photos of ContaxT3 Excellent resolution and shadows without collapsing

Contax T3 is no longer affordable to the average person, but I used to use a T3 when it was still cheap. Although I have not had this camera with me since it was stolen by a burglar in my room during a trip, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the T3 and the differences in depiction depending on settings based on examples of my work. Contax T3 […]

  • 2023年2月5日

The Contax TVS, the most cost-effective walk-around camera

The Contax TVS, with its titanium exterior, was a high-end compact film camera that symbolized the era when the Japanese economy was booming. It is a relatively unpopular camera, perhaps because of its zoom, middling photographic impact, and large size. However, it is a model that can be recommended as a film camera for casual use because of its photographic quality that surpasses intermediate single focal length compact cameras and […]

  • 2023年1月22日

GR1 Film camera example photo

These examples include my favorite Richo GR1s and a GR10 with the same lens. I wrote about the features of this camera in a separate article, and here I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the GR1 based on examples of photographs, as well as the differences in depiction depending on settings. Example of GR1 negative film (PORTRA 400/160) Negative film is basically Kodak Portra 400 or 160. A […]

  • 2023年1月8日

Contax T3 Apex compact camera with great resolution and a three-dimensional feel that can be used from the widest aperture.

The price of the Contax T3, which costs three times the list price, has not stopped soaring in the used market, and its popularity overseas seems unstoppable. I used to have a Contax T3, although it is now a completely premier camera that I can’t afford. Unfortunately, I lost it in a theft during a trip, but I would like to look back on the beauty of the T3 with […]

  • 2023年1月23日

Can a Ricoh GR1 film camera be repaired?

Failure of the GR1 is like a chronic illness, and now, more than 20 years after its release, it is almost impossible to use the GR1 in a fully working condition due to the lack of durability of its parts. I honestly think the GR1 is more fragile than other high-end compact cameras. However, I have been using this camera for over 10 years and intend to continue to use […]

  • 2023年1月8日

GR1s film camera: The reason why it is called the best snapshot camera

The GR1 series was introduced in the 1990s, when high-end compact film cameras were at their peak, and has remained highly popular even after the shift to digital cameras as the “best snap-shooting machine. I have also used a film GR1s for over 10 years, and it is my favorite camera for snapshots because of its photographic rendition and rapid-fire performance, making it the best camera for snapshots. The GR1 […]